Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

it is my pleasure to give you a little information about me, but first i want to explain what EOA means, it is an acronym for Eagle Of Air. I just love the freedom because of the similarity to flying. So i bought a RING in 1997 that is showing an eagle. After all this i made my ID in 1998: eagle_of_air or eagleofair or EOA etc.

I know some of you think who is this guy and some think he is same like others. But who cares, i want to let you know some parts of my life nowdays. I don't believe in god or else my world is real and no fiction like what most religions (maybe all) preaching us, about how you should treat each other and just do what the thora or quaran or bibel etc. says, that's why I have MY PHILOSOPHY.
For those people who wants to discuss there is my FORUM/BLOG and an easy CHAT for a talk to eachother.

I had a lot experience i my short life. I was most of my life doing good things my parents treat me like that and i love them for this. I was born and raised till the end of the age of 5 and celebrate my 6th birthday here in germany. Now i am living about 20 years here and the last time i was visiting Iran, it was 1995. I miss a lot there, especially all the big family i have there, but i am not alone here also i have a big family here.

To be patient it is like drinking water to me.
To help others it is like breathing to me.
To give a smile to somebody it is like to be born again to me.
I wrote a poem about smile "What is the Price for a Smile?". Click POEM for more and here if you wanna have FUN.

I want to study physics my subsidiary subjects will be philosophy and psychology. Maybe someday after all my explores with inventions and their results i want to change the world and i will beginn in Iran to and let the world know that IRAN is BACK!!!

Thanks that you took time for this and if you have any question, use the contact formular on the left side. For those who wants to be informed about this website use the NEWSLETTER or keep on looking here ().

peace for all!!!

PS: by the way you can listen to some of my songs @ www.myspace.com/EAGLEOFAIR.