[ english ]
My Feelings II

I saw her at a party I know her and I can't believe it
I wrote her a song that's called my feelings
last summer I told her don't missunderstand me
I just wanted to stay like friends but she wasn't the person for those games
I told her that's not a game so I felt so many pain
I feel not so clear like the moonlight shining down here
feeling fine, between us is a strong force... yeah yeah yeah
but iI haven't this choice... yeah yeah yeah
I'll tell you my sorrows I'll tell you how this goes
so girl listen to me you are the most endless
characteristic person I've ever had met in my life.
one move of you one touch of you on smile of you
everything of you makes me so fly like butterfly up to the sky
the truth is that somebody is jealous
in the way he tooks our friendship it wasn't friendly
in the first way I was going to take care about our friendship
but later I realise that from your position
it isn't so important to stay friends
because you are still on pressure from your boyfriend... yeah yeah yeah
I think and hope that's true to see whois guilty for our broken friendship.

by www.eagleofair.org  2000-2006