[ english ]
My Feelings III

I'll bring to the stars from the top until my hart will stop
if you telling me what's wrong with my head
everytime i see you I'm so glad
with every move with every breath you take my life underneath
the way you look the way you feel the way you say my name
I'll be always a part of your life this is always going on till I die
you always will be in my mind
life is such a pretty thing so we don't have to move otherthings
I hear the rythem of the falling waterdrops
they're the same as my heart is beating bloods
the singing birds are flying like my mind is dieing
stoping my suffer one of the most wishes I have
so make it come true the way you do.
the long way from my life to your life is such an awesome thing
but just tell me the truth then I'll leave you...

by www.eagleofair.org  2000-2006