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I See You In My Dreams I Can't Live Without Your Kiss
Think About Make A Choice Live Your Life Have A Voice
I'm So Confused You Are So Misused
Watch My Eyes See My Tears I Tell Have No Fears
So Much Fun We Had In Such Precious Time
The Conversation We Had The Smile You Have Gave Me
Really Hope To See You Soon Again
The Smell Of Your Hair
The Smell Of Your Skin
The Way You'r Looking
It Would Be Wonderfull To Spend More Time With You
Absolutly And For Sure I Miss Your Lovely Kiss
And I Wish Get More Of This
I'm Driving Thru This Country To Get Back And Hold Your Hand
Am I Still Dreaming
Am I Still Thinking
That Your Are A Beautifull Phantasy
I Arrived To See That Girl Who Takes Away My Heart And Mind
She Brokes It Again But This Time She Hurted With Suffer And Pain.
Someone Told Me Head Up Live Your Life And Take Your Time
Everything Will Be Fine...

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