[ english ]
Question Over Question

Who is watching me Who is touching me Who cares about me
all my pains all my suffer would change the world
if I had the energy may I have the energy
how I should to use it
inspiration gives me some impression of life how it could be
changing life solutions
behind all this a fact have been some act
instruction with some organisation
mostly powerful as acting before thinking...
such beautiful escense of life don't have to be missuse
to take care about all moves we do and we will do...
the truth is not so far hear the vibes of the liars
burn them with the fires of the olimpic games to drop there fames
hold up don't push the sam learn from experience
that shows us the elements where we built from
have to understand to know where I'm stand
so for what i was built
Whois Controling Whois Guilt

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