[ english ]
Run Away

You want to run away
I sayed baby stay
here by my side you can not hide
want you back in my arms
your skin is cold your body is sold
The whole wold knows what I told

My Sences like quite water Seeing my little Daughter

Half Life waiting for What?! Still Growing still Blowing for my endless Knowing...

Seeing your Smile same as the Morning Light The sunshine is Bright
How tight you figuered your life
In My Dreams your my Wife from the highest Mountain
I want to Dive I count till five

I see all around me the dead bodies
I feel all the wonderfull moment they have spend in there lifes

Yeah my tears melt the Icecube

I wanna say people go out
be honest be truthfull be lovefull
to your family to your friends to your neighbours
and to yourself

I wann make sure this Song is from my Deepest part of My Heart and my Mind
and none commercial... Take This...

Peace Out :)

by www.eagleofair.org  2000-2006