[ english ]
Waiting For You

Waiting for you and all this is true i got tears in my eyes i wanna satisfy
[all the way i saw you]
one touch from your lipps one smile from your face
[all the way i saw you]
my favorite dreams mixed with your sweetest things
[all the way i saw you]
free your mind and be kind from the bottom of your heart
[all the way i saw you]
Met at the party was surprised and your are so disgused
talking with you makes my life like glue
flu inside of my brain driving thru like a train contain all this
My heart is pounding I'm hunting the moon and counting so soon
untill we grow and you seeing the show
Everything you do I feel so blue couse you my girl
I guess I'm sorry for my english is so less don't mess with me
couse going to light your ass

by www.eagleofair.org  2000-2006